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by chaca mandala

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For the “used to be moody” dog

Opalite is a stone of personal power and an energizing stone though opalite is an aid to communication on every level, it is particularly beneficial for communication on a spiritual level. As such, opalite can also help communicate to and receive messages from the spirit world, as well as help interpret those messages and visions.

Opalite is as much an energizing stone as it is a calming and relaxing one. The yin-yang balance is the balance of male and female, light and dark, active and passive, daytime and nighttime energies. Opalite helps balance these energies, aligning them with the higher self. On a grounded level, this can help stabilize mood swings.

Product Specifications:
Leather strap tied as knot
Facet Crystal


Leather Strap: Adjustable fits all
Crystal: Width 1cm / Height 4cm / Depth 1cm

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