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Pink and Gold Paw

by Can


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Pink and Gold Paw
Navy and Gold Paw
Mint and Gold Paw

Pink powder and Gold Paw painting is brilliantly colourful think flamboyant, think Las Vegas!

Things you say about Paws:

Some breeds have what are called “cat feet.”
These have a short third digital bone, resulting in a compact feline-like foot; this design uses less energy to lift and increases the dog’s endurance. You can tell by the dog's paw print: cat feet prints are round and compact. Doberman pinscher, Giant Schnauzer, Newfoundland, Airedale terrierFinnish spitz, and old English sheepdog all have cat feet.

But don’t tell them that!

Paw painting is a one off piece signed by artist and will lighten up any space with love and ambience.

Product Specifications:
Lino cut collage
Original signed by artist
Does not come w. golden frame
- reduce CO2 footprint

Measures cm 40x50


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Navy and Gold Paw

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