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Meditation Music

by Anders Rhedin

Healing and Mediative Music for dogs and their friends 💜💜

Anders has composed a meditative ambient track that will make you and your 4 legged friend feel calm and chillaxed.

Music is a way to counteract noise pollution, and enrich the environments for animals and human beings. Therefore, if you want to experience the full effects, then you want to make sure the music is played at a volume that drowns your present soundscape.

Dogs and humans responds with great calming effect to known and native sounds, so the more you play the music the more your four-legged friend will be feeling it. The soundscape is created with a mix of recordings from Mount Shasta in South California and Sintra Mountains outside Lisbon in Portugal.

When you buy the track "Meditation Music for Dogs" we donate 10% Animal Welfare.

Created with spirit by Anders in Los Angeles, USA

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