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Welcome my friends !

by Maks . 11 September 2017

I am 3 years old, ginger all the way, born i Dusseldorf and raised in Berlin currently writing you from my Van, a Volkswagen LT which my friends and I are living in while driving up and down the coast of Portugal.

My friends and I are on a very important mission, which is to find musicians, artists, craftsmen and women and good people that can help make our lifes better by supporting animal welfare organisations around the world.

When I lived in Berlin, for the first 2 years of my life, I used to come to my friends office every day and the park for lunch and in the evenings I would go to restaurants and bars.
I am very very social x100 and I love love love meeting new friends.

Thinking back now, I realise how lucky I was growing up in Berlin, because I have since experienced that the rules for someone like me are really different in other contries - in most cities I am not even welcome on an outdoor terrace, in the park or the beach!

Travelling can be a bit challenging because they wont let me in to hotels or AirBnB’s - when did you last hear about a dog getting drunk and thrashing a hotel room or being rude to the personel?? Never happens - we are the nice guys and girls!

My friends and I got tired of Trump pulling out of the Paris agreement and me not being allowed anywhere so we thought Hey lets fix it! So now we have our very own Van, a Volkswagen LT from 1977 with solar panels!

I cant wait to share my roadtrip, the artist we find on the way, the mysteries we solve and all the 2 and 4 legged friends we meet along the way!


PORTUGAL TIPS from me to you 💌 
My favourite pet friendly hotels
Carmo's Boutique Hotel
Cottage Amendoa Sintra
Ecork Hotel

Van life is the life

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