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Stine Maria Aalykke from CAN Art Collective

by Maks . 09 October 2017

My friend Stine Maria Aalykke lives in Copenhagen with her family and together with her super cool boyfriend Martin they have had CAN Family Art Collective for more than 10 years!
Besides being an artist Martin has the best record store in the world - CAN Records.

I love their artwork and asked them to create collages for RELAX Dog and so they did!

CAN has created Oversized PAW PAINTING for RELAX Dog in 4 different colours - my favorite is Pink powder and Gold Paw painting because it is brilliantly colourful think flamboyant, think Las Vegas!

CAN in the Press:
"Stine creates the most fascinating artwork in the widest range possible. Illustrations, paintings, collages.. you name it.
She's the nicest person ever, and a truly amazing artist, not only delivering masterpieces for people’s walls, but also fab illustrations for the most prestigious magazines and music festivals in Scandinavia.
She also created a digital world for children (and their parents!) with a beautiful app called The Magic Cat."

Vuf did someone mention my friend The Magic Cat!! 

BUY the PAW PAINTING for dogs and their favourite humans created especially for RELAX Dog.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Limited edition: 10 copies.

AND support International Animal Rescue Adopt an Orangutangs program together with CAN❤❤

BUY the beautiful App with The Magic Cat and the mystery about Little Teddy's lost rag doll.
For iPhone and iPad.
AND support Hope for animals in Guatemala program together with The Magic Cat❤❤

BERLIN TIPS from Maks to you 💌 
JAH IZAKAYA & SAKE BAR The Magic Cat and I have a taste for Fresh Fish and Sake;)

Vanishing Point My friend Sigrid can make life out of everything!

Apollo Bar Because you can go to my friend Anders´  Wednesday listening party club - every Wednesday!


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