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Meet my friends from the Spanish Pyrenees ❤ ❤

by Maks . 12 October 2017

Today I am thinking about my friends from the Spanish Pyrenees

Last year in the Month of December my friends and I went on a roadtrip from Portugal to the Spanish Pyrenees. We drove to a mountain top and found a small village by the Camino called Troncedo. We stayed the for a whole Month and did lots of trekking in the snowy mountains - soooo cooool!

I quickly got to meet all the people, cats, dogs and the 1 pig in the village and me and the 10 dogs made friends and we hung out all day.

My friends would come and pick me up at sunrise - just like when I lived on Costa da Caparica. And then we would go for a morning run and come back a few hours later. We would go visit some of the friends who where stuck in cages and we helped them escape and get back in so their humans did not notice.
he he LOTS of FUN.

The Golden Retriever was my neighbour and she would come and sit on our table and wait for me and eat the food if my friends had forgotten some.
Little Mrs. White Cat got stuck in a tree so I helped her get down - I think she was happy she nearly flew down from the tree when I started climbing up almost like she got wings! Mr. Black Cat was a little bit retaining but I think he was very charming.

I love my Spanish friends and I hope I can come back and visit them soon again.

MISS you Mis Amigos!


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