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Meet My Friend The Magic Cat !

by Maks . 25 September 2017

My friend The Magic Cat is the best Private Detective I know and he is one of my coolest Cat friends!

The Magic Cat can be your best friend and help you solve all your problems…

When you have a bad dream, he will make them good. If you can´t find you teddy, his detective skills will help you find it. Should you be in a bad mood he will make you have so much fun that you cant help but laugh!

Are you hungry?
Not a problem. The Magic Cat will cook you a delicious treat of pancakes, popcorn… and herring.

He may have pointy teeth and funny eyes, but don´t be fooled - his heart is as soft as his fur.
As you can tell, The Magic Cat is a purrrrrrrfect friend for dogs and their favorite humans.

The Magic Cat and I will go on many adventures around the world and through space and I will keep you posted!

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AND support Hope for animals in Guatemala program together with The Magic Cat.


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