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Meet my friend Mr. Caballero from Osaka!

by Maks . 18 October 2017

Good times!

My friend Mr. Caballero the "White Dog from Osaka" is back from summercamp!❤!

In Osaka in Japan it gets so hot in the summer that every year my friend has to go to North of Japan on a summercamp for 3 Months.

He really likes it because he gets to hang with all his summer camp friends from near and far.

Mr. Caballero is a Golden Retriever so he has long blond wavy hair and as you can see on the photo's he goes to an amazing hair salon in Osaka, so his hair is always on fleek! The girls loves his hair and as a every van dog with respect for him or her self - he has a girlfriend in each harbour❤

When Mr. Caballero is not on summer camp he travels around Japan with his 2 friends. They have the most amazing Van - a kind of Land Rover Defender and they go camping, and fishing all the time and when they are not roadtripping the go meet friends in the city at cool surf exhibitions and art exhibitions. 

Mr. Caballero is really into surfing and the plan is that he and his friends will come visit me and my friends when we are back in Portugal❤❤

I am sure he will love it in Portugal because the surf is amazing and we can go running and I can introduce him to all my friends.

Cant wait!

JAPAN TIPS from Mr. Caballero himself 💌 
VADE MECVM. Showroom #2 Beautiful Gallery in Osaka - last time I went they had a Plethora Magazine Exhibition!

Escapé LODGE and Espresso Best Coffee, Osaka Vibes and Beers - Mr. Caballero favourite hangout spot.

interaction hair design is one of the best hairdressers in the World and Hiroki Ezaki (hiro) is not only on fire with a a pair scissors he is a crazy cat with vinyls on the decks!

Arigatō Mr. Caballero


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