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Go on a Dream Journey with Dinner

by Maks . 01 October 2017

Happy relaxing day my friends

My friend Anders aka best meal in town Dinner, invites us to put on our head phones and go on a 30 minutes relaxing mental journey through a portal to a far away place of your dreams in the gentle company of your breath. 

The ancient magic deep in your mind allows yourself to be the real you, your true self.
Let your true colours wash over you and it is ok to make a funny face and let go.

The guided meditation-tape is digitally on Captured Tracks and you can listen to it here on Spotify : Dream Journey II by Dinner.

Spotify: Dream Journey II by Dinner.

BUY the Mediative Music Track for dogs and their favourite humans❤
When buying the track you donate 10% to animal welfare together with Anders❤❤


Psst. Dinner is touring these days with Sean Nicholas Savage both US and Europa!

Pssst. Anders has made a Mediative Music Track for dogs and their favourite humans especially for RELAX Dog❤

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