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Shoot with girlfriends Chaca and Resi

by Maks . 26 October 2017

My friend Chaca is from Denmark but lives in Berlin and this is where I met her the first time. Back then she had the sweetest Dachshund, his name was Boris. 

Chaca creates beautiful energised healing crystals, teaches yoga and mediation and I always enjoy her company, she makes me feel all relaxed and loved.

I love her jewellery so I asked her to create Leather Collars with Healing Crystal for dogs and their favourite humans for RELAX Dog -and she did!

She has created 5 different collars all with different powers: Clear Quartz, Magnesite, Tigers eye,  Opalite and Purple Amethyst all with different colours and energies.

Chaca has given me and my friend a pair of healing crystal collars and we love them!
Because we are travelling a lot and we are always on the lookout for friends to help and spotting talented artist she gave us the Magnesite which gives us self-esteem when I am socialising at parties.

AND well the color of Magnesite Crystal goes really well with my wavy ginger hair if I may say so my self. 

My model girlfriend Resi that you see posing on the behind the scenes shoot has the coolest Gallery called Silber & Salz go check it out next time you are in the city.
Resi is such a star and I think that she can wear all of the crystals - she just looks awesome.

If you are in Berlin go visit Chaca at her Magical Crystal Cave in Holzmarkt - she is dog lover nr. 1 so please bring your dog!

BUY the handmade Leather Collars with Crystal Pendants from for dogs and their favourite humans.
And support Goa Dog Trust together with  Chaca and RELAX Dog.


FYI: I dont have bad breath but is is important to do everything you can to prevent it so you can have lots of kisses!

BERLIN TIPS from Maks to you 💌 
Mauerpark - best dog park if you ask me the dogs are street so be wise!

SILBER & SALZ - gallery & photo lab where you can meet my girl Res❤

Tempelhofer Feld - cool abandoned airport where you can run like crazy.

Pauly Saal - favorite restaurant in my old hood in Berliin and yes! I am welcome to wine and dine!

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