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Art Opening at Tings Lisbon!

by Maks . 06 October 2017

Sunny tip from me!

My good friends Annette and Thomas just opened a hotel in scenic, romantic Graca in Lisbon and they are having their first art exhibition!

Well not the very first because I was at their first one a year ago with Bacco Artolini when the hotel was still just a ruin.
I bought a painting of a chimpanzee with an oversized thumb that illustrates how the thumb has mutated on humans from all the communication through touch devices.
Very happy to be a dog !! No mutated thumbs here.

Everyone is welcome so go and check out the exhibition - good times guaranteed.
Thomas knows everything about music so go have a chat with the professor and give him and Annette a big hug from me!
I can't join because I am still chillaxing in the summerhouse in Denmark.

If you can't make it Sunday don't be sad you can always go and hang out in the hotel lounge and enjoy some tapas, good vibes, tea or drinks and dive into the beautiful view from the terrace.

Oh and if you find your self in Kathmandu you also find a Tings hotel - I have not been, but the location sounds great:

"Lazimpat is the closest you come to Notting Hill, Pisserenden, Soho, PrenzlBerg, Bastille/Republic here in Kathmandu. An unpretentious and relaxed blend of locals and internationals."

Link to Event-> Sunday, October 8, Tings Art opens its first exhibition at Tings Lisbon – paintings and drawings by the Belgian artist Créons.


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