Welcome to my Journal - I am Maks.
Here you will find the latest news in the world of Relax Dog. Upcoming products, fresh new projects from our artists and my adventures. Stay tuned.

  • Getting my marine vibe on. Rose o'clock coming right up💙🛥🍷🛥💙

  • Pretty sunset last night 🌅✨🌅

  • Hiking by Praia Ursa 

  • By Azenhas Do Mar

  • Tongue Out Tuesday - posing outside my van

  • My Spanish Girlfriend 😍

  • My best Danish friends made me a house because I was tooo hot!

  • Monday is for hanging out with my friend The Magic Cat 😻🕵️😻he is a bit sleepy but I will try and wake him so you can meet him. He is the cooolest!!🙌

  • Yesterday was fun- today not so much 😂🎉😂 

  • Travelled to Guincho to solve a new mystery with my friend the Magic Cat!

  • I have been missing my van in Portugal so much - but see what my Danish friends treated me with!

  • My good friend and artist from Montemerano in Tuscany had the best bday party ever!

  • Tribute to my friend Panda from Penedo 🐼.
    She was very unlucky and ate poison now she is up in heaven with the other little Panda's🕊🐼🐼🕊
    Ps. Pope Francis recently confirmed that dogs do go to heaven🌤

  • OHOI ⛵️
    Private Detective The Magic Cat has brought me out on a trip - a Magical Trip at Sea! 
    We set out to solve the Mystery about Little Teddy´s missing Rag Doll!
    Come follow us on our Journey 🔦🔭

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